Transport Refrigeration

GAH is the supplier of choice for transport refrigeration systems within the direct drive refrigeration market. The units used in their systems require plastic covers (both on the roof of the vehicle and within the load space).

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GAH had been using plastic covers that, although produced to their own design, were made by a sub-contractor and were failing to fully meet their operational requirements.

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man using a hot-glue gun in a workshop

The Solution

Our expert team swiftly identified the scale, scope and causes of the issues and proposed a more effective alternative. Our solution has ensured that, for virtually the same price, GAH now receive far higher quality products that meet all of their requirements and those of their customers.

“The COX team work to a very high standard, and the technical department’s knowledge of the process and how to reliably mould parts is far superior to any service we’ve received before. Their understanding of our product requirements made the whole experience a painless process.”

Bob Peak, GAH Engineering Director


GAH enjoyed an increase in production efficiency thanks to a dramatic reduction in downtime and a significant improvement in product quality.