Collaborating on the utilisation of new materials and processes, and playing a key role in the innovative thinking that’s shaping our industry.


Being future-focused means investing in new technologies; always being open to using our experience, expertise and collective imagination to deliver practical innovation.

We get under the skin of the world our customers operate in to really understand the pressures they face. So when we identify an opportunity – whether it’s around your products, processes or production – you can count on us being quick to bring it to you for your consideration and approval.

In business, every incremental improvement counts. This is a driving principle for us, always delivering to our customers the material advantage that underpins their success.

Pride is at the core of everything we stand for, and we honour our long and distinguished history by delivering products and services to the very highest standards.

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A Reputation Built On Our People

Their commitment, drive, and expertise are what keep us at the forefront of our industry. From both a business and an engineering perspective, their knowledge of materials, processes, and possibilities allows us to determine the most practical, effective, and commercially sound solutions for our customers.

Our know-how is shaped through experience, innovation, and time. It was we who created the canopy of that most iconic aircraft, World War II’s Supermarine Spitfire.

Highly-skilled engineers, expert designers, innovative thinkers, business-minded developers… the perfect mix of specialists for delivering innovative solutions.


Just like our restless spirit of enquiry, technology never stands still. COX is a company that has always focused on the technical developments within our industry.

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One example of our willingness to lead is High Pressure Forming. With the GEISS T10’s incredible 44 tons of pressure, we operate the largest and most advanced machine of its kind in the UK.

We pride ourselves on advising and assisting our customers in the development, aesthetics and design of their product; always mindful of the economic realities of the world they operate in.

All of our tool design and manufacture occurs in-house. And our technical know-how, manufacturing capabilities and hand-finishing processes ensure our reputation for skill and expertise continues unchallenged.


From conception to completion, we work in close partnership with our customers. Meeting their specific requirements in the spirit of enquiry and collaboration.

We work in conjunction with leading material manufacturers, examining the properties and potential of new materials 
and processes to ensure our customers benefit from the most advanced and effective solutions.

We have strong links with professional bodies, centres of excellence and leaders in the research and development. And we also recognise how much the hands-on skills and know-how of our own people contribute to the process. Wherever new ideas originate, we’re open to exploring the opportunities they might offer our customers.

We act as a catalyst, refining your ideas through practical experience and expertise. From concept design specification to financing, prototyping to tooling development, trialling, support, production and aftercare – whatever challenges 
our customers face, they know they can count on us.

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COX Charter

People, Technology, Collaboration…

Our shorthand for the perfect combination of insight and experience, state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge thinking, time-honoured craftsmanship and expertise. And the key to our customers enjoying a material advantage from partnership with COX.

A Brief History Of COX