man operating a High Pressure Forming machine

As well as having the skills and experience to push the limits of High Pressure Forming, COX also offers the technology in the shape of its huge GEISS T10 Pressure Former machine.

Our High Pressure Forming service includes the latest GEISS T10 Pressure Former machine. Being able to apply 44 tons of pressure on a 2400 x 1200 x 700mm deep bed, this machine pushes our moulding capabilities well above our competitors.

A true state-of-the-art machine, the GEISS T10 enables us to satisfy the demands of customers across a wide range of industries, extending design parameters and offering many other production benefits:


  • Surface texturing – allowing multiple textures across a single part
  • Less ‘wall thinning’ during manufacturing – allowing the use of thinner materials, resulting in reduced weight
  • Undercut features can be incorporated by utilising articulated tooling
  • Outside (primary) surface is the control surface
  • Excellent dimensional stability allowing for the precise fit of mating parts
  • We design and develop our own tooling in-house


  • Low tooling costs in comparison to injection moulding – but same high-quality aesthetics
  • Reduced speed to market – weeks rather than months
  • Cost-effective – for low-volume quantities