At Cox Wokingham, we recognise that our business is just one part of a much wider whole. As such, we, along with every business and individual, have a responsibility to protect this wider whole: planet earth, our home.


We take our responsibility for the protection of our home very seriously.


Everything that we as organisations and humans do has an impact on our environment. We at Cox Wokingham are working diligently to ensure that the impact we generate is a positive one, and that the legacy we leave behind is a sustainable one.


How are we doing this?


  The global emphasis on safeguarding our environment – and in doing so, protecting our future, and the future of generations to come – is reflected in the processes that we rigorously adhere to at Cox Wokingham.


For example, we aim to reduce waste wherever we can throughout the entirety of our manufacturing operations. This means that from start to finish, we are working to ensure that we operate with maximum efficiency, thereby reducing the resources we as a business consume.


Furthermore, we prioritise recycling materials wherever possible across the entire organisation – so that where materials can be reused, they are being recirculated to further reduce the impact we have upon the environment.


Whatever small part we can play in reducing the global impact of industry on our planet, Cox Wokingham will gladly and proudly play it. We know that we can always do more, and that’s why we regularly reflect upon and refine our processes so that we continue to improve over time. 


What about plastic and the environment?


Contrary to popular belief, plastic actually has many benefits for the environment. For example, a study conducted by Trucost (an independent body that assesses risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints, and broader environmental, social, and governance factors) found that plastics reduce environmental costs by nearly 4 times when compared to alternatives.

Moreover, due to plastic being lightweight, durable, and recyclable, plastic can positively impact the planet by:

  • Reducing the weight of car parts and thus saving fuel (3000 litres over the lifetime of the average car!)
  • Reducing the overall failure rate of pipes which transport vital resources such as water (plastic pipes are designed to last for more than 100 years).
  • Saving water – when compared with paper bags, producing a plastic bag uses less than 4% of the water needed to create its paper counterpart.
  • Its ability to be used over and over again for a variety of functions.


Plastic also has a role to play in the generation of renewable energy. For example, the blades which allow wind turbines to turn so as to create electricity are made from plastic. Solar panels, which allow for the harvesting of renewable electricity from the sun, are also made from plastic. 


  At Cox Wokingham, we will continue to invest in the policies and processes which improve the environmental impact our business has on the planet – we will continue to prioritise and protect our shared future.